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Security & Safety

The security and safety sector demands robust and reliable products manufactured to a high standard.

For this growing sector we manufacture PCB Assemblies & Cable Assemblies for companies engaged in themanufacture of products for road safety, domestic & industrial fire alarms and CCTV systems.

Quality. At TORTAI we believe that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that exceeds our customers’s expectations. We achieve customer success through:

  • Relentless focus on customer requirements

  • Focused quality management system

  • Data-driven management

  • Specialized resources and focused training

  • Certification to industry standard

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

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safe system.jpg  Building alarm system Control Panel.jpg  TCP-IP-GPRS-GSM-PSTN-8-Wired-30-Wireless-Home-Security-Alarm-System.jpg






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