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Printed Circuit Boards Our Products
From a complex multi-layer board to a double sided surface mount design, our goal is to provide you a quality product that
meets your requirements and is the most cost effective to manufacture. Our experience in IPC class III standards, very
stringent cleanliness requirements, heavy copper, and production tolerances allow us to provide our customers exactly
what they need for their end product.
               Printed Circuit Board

Advanced technology products:
Backplanes, HDI boards, high-frequency boards, high TG boards, halogen-free boards, flexible and rigid-flex boards,
hybrids, and any boards with applications in high-tech products.

20 layers PCB, 2mil line width spacing: 
Our 10 years' manufacturing experience, high precision equipment and testing instruments enables Tortai to produce 20
layers rigid boards and rigid-flex circuits up to 12 layers. Backplane thicknesses up to .276 (7mm), aspect ratios up to
20:1, 2/2 line/space and impedance controlled designs are produced daily.

Products and technology application:
Apply to communications, aerospace, defense, IT, medical equipment, precision test equipment and industrial control
companies and more.
Standard criteria for PCBs processing: inspection and test criteria will be based upon IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012, class 2
unless otherwise specified on customer drawings or specifications.

PCB design service: Tortai also can provide the PCB design service to our customers. Sometimes, our customers only
give us a 2D file or just an idea, then we shall design the PCB, layout, and make the Gerber file for them
Item       Description                                                 Technical Capabilities
  1 Layers 1-20 Layers
  2 Max. Board Size 600 400mm(24"16")
  3 Material FR-4, High TG FR4, Halogen Free Material, Rogers, Arlon, PTFE, Taconic, Isola, Ceramics, Aluminum, Copper base
  4 Max. Board Thickness 330mil (8.4mm)
  5 Min. Inner Line Width/Space 3mil (0.075mm)/3mil (0.075mm)
  6 Min. Outer Line Width/Space 3mil (0.75mm)/3mil (0.075mm)
  7 Min. Finish Hole Size 4mil (0.10mm)
  8 Min Via Hole Size & Pad via: dia. 0.2mm/pad: dia. 0.4mm ; HDI <0.10mm via
  9 Min Hole Tolerance 0.05mm(NPTH), 0.076mm(PTH)
 10 Finished Hole Size Tolerance(PTH) 2mil (0.05mm)
 11 Finished Hole Size Tolerance(NPTH) 1mil (0.025mm)
 12 Hole Position Deviation Tolerance 2mil (0.05mm)
 13 Min. S/M Pitch 3mil (0.075mm)
 14 Solder Mask Hardness 6H
 15 Flammability 94V -0
 16 Surface Finishing OSP, ENIG, Flash Gold, Immersion Tin, HASL, Tin Plating, Immersion Silver, Carbon Ink, Peel-off Mask, Gold Fingers (30"), Immersion Silver (3~10u"), Immersion Tin (0.6~1.2um).
 17 V-Cut Angle 30 45 60, tolerance +/- 5
 18 Min V-Cut Board Thickness 0.75mm
 19 Min. Blind/Buried Via 0.15mm (6mil)
Flexible Printed Circuit board (FPC)

Flexible printed circuits can be constructed to suit general electrical component interconnect needs or can be custom
constructed to suit your specific product needs. Tortai Technologies has the flexible circuit construction capabilities you
require and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we exceed your expectation.

                           Flexible Printed Circuit Board
With Tortai Technologies, youll receive the personal attention of experience professionals and craftsmen at every stage
from initial design through manufacturing, assembly and shipping.

We continue to grow because we provide affordable leading edge flexible circuits, PCBs and PCBAs. We recognize the
need to supply quality product at competitive pricing to remain ahead in this ever changing environment. At all levels,
management continually employs advanced core technologies throughout our facilities to remain a world class affordable
                                               Item                                       Parameter
 Number of layers  1-6 L
 Minimum circuit Width  .12
 Minimum circuit clearance  .12
 Minimum angular ring  .003
 Minimum hole  .009
 Minimum copper thickness  18µm
 Maximum copper thickness  70µm
 Substrate thickness  Polyimide 12.5µm-50µm
 Maximum board size  10 x 23
 Hole tolerance  NPTH +/- .002
 PTH +/- .003
 Circuit/gap  Inner .003-.004
 Outside .003-.005
 Outline tolerance  +/-.003
 Surface finish  Immersion gold
 Immersion silver
 Tin plating
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